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LP 12 "white Vinyl -10 tracks

RIKKHA is an uncompromising French punk rock band based in Paris.
Since 2007, RIKKHA has brought together SEB LE BISON (Western Machine, Bullits Record, the Bison production) and JULIETTE DRAGON (Cabaret des Filles de Joie), couple in life as on stage, for spectacular scenic trances, mixing sexy burlesque numbers and feminists with circus performances and numbers, freaks and side shows.
Over the years, the formations have evolved around the singer and the guitarist. From now on it is EMIKO OTA the kawaii warrior drummer and HERVÉ HAINE the angry bassist who take over the rhythm section. Their innate elegance hardly masks a mad desire to change the world through dance and free sexuality.
RIKKHA is above all the soundtrack to your favorite grindhouse movie where Betty Page would tie up Doctor Frankenstein's creature to spank her while pretty zombies, witches and cannibalistic Amazon warriors would watch them laughing.
RIKKHA smells of leather and vinyl.
RIKKHA is a fireworks display of alien cum and valkyrie cum.
RIKKHA mixes the essence of punk rock with Z and B movies.
RIKKHA, it stains, it makes you laugh and it puts you in a trance.
RIKKHA saves the planet, advocating tolerance, openness and joie de vivre.
RIKKHA travels all around the globe (Europe, Lebanon and 4 major tours in the United States). RIKKHA makes travel, your Head, your Heart and your Trippes, whatever your kind.
RIKKHA opens your field of possibilities. RIKKHA makes you happy.x.
RIKKHA it's beautiful, it's love in the bar, tenderness, sweat, pogos and hugs.
RIKKHA it's rare, it's unique. It's more than music, it's an experience, a shamanic trance from which no one comes out unscathed. RIIKHA celebrates Life, Sex and Love. RIKKHA that does good to anyone who has had enough of the current consensual. RIKKHA is the favorite group of freaks of all stripes. RIKKHA is the fear of lukewarm, fundamentalists, stingers and pains-to-enjoy. RIKKHA is about enjoyment, happiness, pleasure, sexual magic, urban witchcraft, cordial and queer rock'n roll.

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