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VINYL - NO WATER PLEASE - Punk goes brass

VINYL - NO WATER PLEASE - Punk goes brass



At the end of the 70s, an unprecedented shock wave swept over the well-meaning establishment of the “treacherous Albion”: The Punk.
A real shot by Doc Mar tens in a mid-range oven slumbering by the oil crisis and the “flower power” of the hippie movement.
True hymns anchored in the collective memory emerge from this ephemeral artistic impetus. First initiated by The Ramones, a group from the New York rock scene, the tidal wave orchestrated by Malcolm Mc Laren arrived in London with The Sex Pistols in 1975, a veritable musical, media and clothing. Closely followed by The Clash, The Jam or UK Subs, the movement is expanding and will seek other influences in reggae (The Ruts, The Police ...). An end of a decade that will forever mark the generations to come. France is no exception, it will also experience the joys of the enraged and committed pogo with Bérurier Noir or Washington Dead Cats in the 80s. celebrate the 40 years of the movement from across the Channel the 7 musicians of No Water Please, a curious, atypical and multi-style fanfare, have decided to revive 12 essential international punk hits. mains brings together these great mythical titles re-arranged by NWP. To listen loudly, on repeat ... a pint in hand, Punk goes Brass or the meeting of a crazy fanfare and punk.

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